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Experience on board

Start your day with an espresso on the sundeck and enjoy the silence of the morning. A lovely breakfast buffet will make the morning perfect. Afterward, relax on the sunbeds, chat with some friends or read a book you never found time for. Soon we will anchor for our daily swim stop in a clear blue bay. The refreshing waters, a bit of music, and a zoo of inflatables will make every swim stop unique. Or head with the dinghy to the near beach for some more sun and the views of the yacht. The dive into the water and all the fun will be the perfect make you hungry for the delicious lunch served back on board.

Naptime on the sundeck - don't forget the sunscreen - or in your cabin makes your day most relaxing. Some chill sounds on the sundeck help you to calm down and relax. Some exotic cocktails will surely do the same. The bar is open, the sun is shining and the new friends are in the same relaxed mood and this is the best premiss for a perfect trip with the FlamingoCruise.

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